9D technology was developed in October 2012 in Korea and there are very few 9D cinema in world till date. 9D interactive laser gaming is completely new technology with its presence only in three countries and three centres in world till date.

addictive & adventorous

Combining both JAAS LIFESTYLES & AMUSEMENT Pvt Ltd had introduced it in India for the first time under its brand name “MAX 9D interactive cinegames“ by launching in MUMBAI in NOV 2013.

Incredible and Immersive

This exceptional ride, with truly complete immersive and interactive experience, is like nothing else which has been experienced till date by you. You are going to be amazed and addicted by the virtual reality created by Max 9D technology

Virtual reality

with its more than 20 special effects and equipments like arc cinemascope screen, 7.1 dts sound system, electrical motion platform capable of upto 400 movements per second and mimic top speed upto 2G in acceleration and that’s why we say “the incredible 9D experience ..like never before”.

Now Showing

Great Wall
Death Road2
Small Dinosaur
Evil Abyss
Ocean World
Ferris Wheel / Coaster is Complementry

Discover A New Dimension To The Movie, First Time In India.... Not Just Feel What You See....Get Completely Indulged In It.
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